Life in Early 20th century America, Part II – “Your sister makes a better looking brother”

Dear Raymond -Why don’t you write? I had a Birthday surprise on Pa Sun. Nelli & Arthur start for Fla. 2 weeks from yesterday. Myra will be married within the time &run the farm. Uncle Rosco was down. What do you think of these? Your sister makes a better looking brother. Just got back from Aurora was up all night. Love, Blanche


Life in Early 20th Century America

Dear Bro,

Why don’t you write, just that I’d come down I see? Yesterday was awful cold. Pa is fixing cellar, the moon comes tomorrow to put in our new furnace. Am going over to Sadie’s to-morrow to help make a basket to put the baby in when it gets here in March. Jessie Simmons has a baby. Ward Hall is Papa. Guess I’ll go to Streator Thur. Pa & I’ll be down. Write B.E.B.

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